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Nope, It will return you all cash pickup list. Please refer to our API document page 31.
We can't recall a cancelled transaction and for cash pick up, money will be auto refunded.
Please refer attached File with the error details.
Tranglo gives its client's customers' access to its Kayako helpdesk to see the tickets they have raised so far
Please find attached latest escalation matrix
Cancellation usually there won't be any refund done. Successful transactions Tranglo normally do not refund fee, unless error occurred at Tranglo side, then Tranglo will refund the fee to RSP.
Nope, it only available for each country and transaction type by the specific amount.
Currently only available for Indonesia Credit to Bank, China Union Pay payment card transaction.
You can actually put other ID number in the column.
Success cash pickup transaction can be cancel as long as the fund not collect by Beneficiary yet. Transaction fee will not refund to you.
We will not send callback, your side need to constantly call our Get_TrxStatus method to get the latest status.
It means the transaction can either be a successful or fail transaction - We will update the transaction status the next day to make sure we provide the correct information.
Our system will capture the information provided by Bank. (For Indonesia Credit to Bank)
We are connecting using API, so there are no limit.
It's actually referring to the payout code that beneficiary need to present during collection. You need to leave this field blank in Do_Transfer method. Cause the bPayoutID is determine by Tranglo.
101 Blacklisted Sender. (referring to sender) 103 Blacklisted Beneficiary. (referring to beneficiary) 107 Blacklisted Sender/Beneficiary (could be either 1 or both)
Try to call this function "Get_TrxStatus" from your end. It should help to update the status to success.
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